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Math Curiosities


This PowerPoint package features 26 Math Curiosities - simple enough for an elementary student, yet rich with deep possibilities. Each Curiosity includes a video introduction from Ian plus PowerPoint slides if you'd prefer to do the talking. Printable PDFs are also available for select Curiosities.

"These curiosities have sparked such an interest in math among my students! For prizes and rewards, instead of dance parties and brain breaks, they ask for curiosities. They get caught up in figuring out the conjectures and love the different patterns. More than once I have heard a student utter 'that is so cool'." ~ Rachel in Colorado

Curiosities include:

  • The Collatz Conjecture
  • Palindromic Number Conjecture
  • The Koch Curve
  • The Impossible Trident
  • Penrose Stairs
  • Twin Primes
  • Ulam's Spiral
  • and more

Package includes:

  • Video introductions for each of the 26 Curiosities
  • PowerPoint slides if you'd like to introduce or review a Curiosity
  • Printables for select Curiosities

 Note: the digital download is pretty hefty. Give yourself some time to download it all.

$ 29.00