Math Curiosities


Brand new and on sale until 9/22 at midnight PST.

This PowerPoint package features 26 Math Curiosities - simple enough for an elementary student, yet rich with deep possibilities. Each Curiosity includes a video introduction from Ian plus PowerPoint slides if you'd prefer to do the talking. Printable PDFs are also available for select Curiosities.

Curiosities include:

  • The Collatz Conjecture
  • Palindromic Number Conjecture
  • The Koch Curve
  • The Impossible Trident
  • Penrose Stairs
  • Twin Primes
  • Ulam's Spiral
  • and more

Package includes:

  • Video introductions for each of the 26 Curiosities
  • PowerPoint slides if you'd like to introduce or review a Curiosity
  • Printables for select Curiosities

 Note: the digital download is pretty hefty. Give yourself some time to download it all.

$ 20.00 $ 29.00